Atelier - Parenting Under Stress - 20 sept 2018 à Sarnia, ON (EN ANGLAIS)



Title: Parenting Under Stress

Date: Thursday, September 20, 2018

Time: 9:00am to 3:30pm

Location: Pathways Health Centre for Children – 1240 Murphy Road, Sarnia

Price: 80CAD




Have you ever wondered how best to work with parents faced with daily adversities?

The workshop “Parenting Under Stress” examined how chronic stress interferes with parenting decisions. As needs of families are often complex and services are not always available or accessible, participants explored approaches to buffer the effects of adversities. Strategies to best support families with children aged 0 to 6 were discussed. Specific topics included: attachment, resilience, self-regulation, healthy parenting and positive discipline.

This workshop was for service providers (public health staff, early childhood educators, health care providers, community workers, etc.) who work with parents experiencing difficult situations: poverty, addictions, mental health issues, limited formal education, lack of role models, etc.




At the end of the workshop, participants would:

  • Be familiar with research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and their influence on adult outcomes.

  • Be aware of effects of excessive stress to parents and children.

  • Be able to identify strategies to mitigate the effects of chronic stress on young children.

  • Be aware of strategies to help parents strengthen the skills they need to create a stable and supportive home environment with consistent and predictable routines.

  • Be aware of local organizations for referrals, partnerships and community education.

  • Be aware of some of the Best Start Resource Centre resources and other resources to support families.




Marie Brisson - Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant, Health Nexus

Marie is a nurse and educator, specializing in the promotion of health and well-being. She leads several BSRC projects on various topics such as: poverty, cannabis, resilience, LGBTQ, safe sleep, FASD and mental health. She has a degree in Nursing, diplomas in adult education and workplace health and safety.


Louise Choquette - Bilingual Health Promotion Consultant

Louise has guided a range of Best Start Resource Centre outreach and social marketing initiatives including newcomer reproductive and child health, physical activity, prenatal education, child discipline and tobacco control. Louise has a degree in Communications and a graduate diploma in educational technology.